HIT! SmartMitt Account Management


SmartMitt is new technology for pitchers that you can use at HIT! for practice as a baseball or softball pitcher. Use of the SmartMitt machine is only $5 per pitcher along with the cage rental fee. SmartMitt will run you through our pre-designed (or your own coach's pre-designed) pitching routines to work on specific pitches, pitch sequences, or even throw entire bullpens.

The pitch results are shown on the screen after each pitch and are stored in your profile, so that you can later see detailed information about each pitch including:

  • Speed
  • Location
  • Video of the pitch crossing the plate
  • Graphs movement of the pitch through the strike zone
  • Shows whether the pitch either hit or missed the intended target area
  • Summary stats for the entire pitching session and stats for all pitching sessions

Before you come in for your first session on the SmartMitt machine, you can save time by registering for your SmartMitt account using one of the links below. This way, when you get to HIT! to use the machine, you will be able to login and begin your first pitching session right away. Note: your SmartMitt account will be deactivated if you don't use the machine at HIT! for over 30 days or don't have a HIT! subscription that stores your pitch data long term.

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